{Diving watch + silver case? Tasting the Tudor Black Bay 1958 925 watch| Diver watch + silver case}

{Diving watch + silver case? Tasting the Tudor Black Bay 1958 925 watch| Diver watch + silver case}

{Summer is here this year, and the diving watch is ready! What we are looking at today is the Tudor Black Bay 1958 Model 925 (Model: M79010SG-0001). The Tudor Black Bay 1958 was first unveiled at the Baselworld 2018 as a tribute to Tudor’s first diving watch in 1958. Compared with the regular Black Bay models, the Black Bay 1958 is smaller and more slender. It is as thin as a historical watch.|This year is summer and the diving watch is available!}

This Tudor Black Bay 1958 925 watch, the special thing of the watch is case material, using silver material, this is the first time that the Tudor Black Bay type uses silver material, the brand dares to use silver material in diving watches, in the watchmaking industry,this is very rare.|This Tudor Black Bay 1958-925 watch, the most distinctive thing about the watch, is its case material. Using silver material for diving watches is a first in the history of watchmaking.}

The Black Bay 1958 925 watch featuring the timeless aesthetic of the original diving watch, and with the 39mm diameter case that was popular in the 1950s, it can also be well controlled by friends with slender wrists.|The Black Bay 1958-925 watch features the timeless design of the original diving watch. With a 39mm diameter case, the watch can be easily controlled by friends with slim wrists.}

Some friends worry about whether the silver case will oxidize. Tudor is made of 925 silver material. The special composition of the alloy can ensure that the appearance of the watch will not change even if it is used for a long time. The case adopts a matte matte process, which not only looks low-key and calm, but also shows the charming silver-white luster of silver.| Friends worry that the silver case might oxidize. A matte matte case is a low-key, calm look.}

Matching the silver case is the taupe dial and bezel. The taupe dial can bring out the white and silver metallic luster. The distinctive color scheme makes the Black Bay 1958 925 watch stand out among many diving watches.| The taupe dial and bezel match the silver case. This unique color scheme makes Black Bay 1958 925 stand out from other Dive Watches.}

The dial adopts the iconic design of the Tudor buy swiss watch that we are very familiar with, such as the three-dimensional hour markers and the unique “snowflake” hands. There are no other functions, and it purely shows the charm of the Tudor diving watch.| This dial reflects the classic Tudor design that we all know, including the distinctive “snowflake hands” hands and three-dimensional hour markers. }

The hour markers and hands are coated with A-grade Swiss Super-LumiNova@ luminous coating, which emits fluorescence in the dark to facilitate the wearer to read the time.|Hour markers and hands are coated in A-grade Swiss SuperLumiNova@ luminescent coating. This emits fluorescence when the light is dimmed, allowing the wearer to see the time.}

This watch comes with two different straps, a taupe jacquard textured strap with silver stripes, or a brown grained leather strap, which we see is more refined and elegant.|The watch can be worn with either a taupe jacquard-textured strap with silver stripes or a brown leather grained strap. We think the latter is more elegant and refined.}

{The case back uses a transparent sapphire glass bottom cover, and we can clearly see the movement. This is a major breakthrough for the Black Bay 1958 model. Previously, Tudor diving watches did not have a transparent bottom design. The movement is equipped with the original Tudor movement MT5400, equipped with a non-magnetic silicon hairspring, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), and has a power reserve of 70 hours. The movement adopts the classic finish of the Tudor movement. The one-piece hollowed-out tungsten rotor is frosted and matched with sandblasted details. The plywood and the main plate are interlaced with polished and sandblasted finishes, embellished with laser patterns.|The transparent sapphire glass case back allows us to see the movement.}

Summary: oblvo watch not only inherits the sturdiness and reliability of the classic Tudor functional watch, but also shows its rare charm as a luxury watch, perfectly interpreting an innovative fusion of dual aesthetic concepts. Let us summarize the characteristics of this Black Bay 1958 925 watch, the classic design of the Black Bay type, the silver case, the back through the bottom design, and the public price of Y=33,100. As a diving watch, it has a historical heritage. The characteristics are innovative, and it is highly recommended to friends who are pursuing individuality to try it out.| Summary. The oblvo watch inherits the reliability and strength of the Tudor functional watch but also has unique characteristics. }