The MARQ Captain American Magic by Garmin

Now, Garmin watch have announced the launch of a unique commemorative watch that’s been made together with the world-renowned American Magic sailing group. This brand new version is part of this MARQ range, an assortment of elite instrument watches which has been first released in 2019 and has become one of the flagship smartwatches for your brand. This view combines the heritage and invention which has long been a part of the game and was crafted using the group in preparation for its 36th America’s Cup.rmin If you’re knowledgeable about this MARQ Captain previously, then you might have noticed some vital adjustments to the new American Magic.
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Even though the case diameter is still the same in 46mm, all five pushers have grown in size using a slight design and personality line close to the surface of the timepiece. The American Magic Sports Watches includes water resistance up to 100 meters that is acceptable for yachting, but this is just giving the wearer doesn’t fall over board. Much like the whole of this MARQ range, this view is accompanied by a range of functions tailored for it is sport.
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