Exploring The Story And Development Of The Breitling Navitimer

MoreLegendary! Iconic! These are words whenever buyers are asked to explain Breitling spoken. In reality, this is true when talking about the Navitimer. The Navitimer is. Furthermore, it has been used by some people that were very famous and has been used by pilots in several military units around the globe. However, to fall in love an individual must explore the story behind its development. We’d like for you to learn about this personification of accuracy and craftsmanship. Hence, in the following guide, we shall explore Breitling Navitimer’s history, as well as members of its watch family. So let’s rewind the hands of time and begin our journey through the history of this watch that is amazing. Pre-Navitimer Era The narrative of the Breitling Navitimer is one of evolution. The Navitimer’s history starts in 1884 when Leon Breitling assembled the first Breitling Chronograph in Switzerland. The very first chronographs were pocket watches. However, within 30 years this brand would find its way to building the first wrist chronograph at 1915. Significantly, this was assembled with gear that allowed for the most calculations to be carried out by pilots. Breitling understood there were calculations that each aviator required to finish. And often, they required multiple tools to do so. This made supply a one-stop tool and the company choose to simplify these calculations. The first chronograph with a pusher has been manufactured. History reveals that the true origins of Navitimer start with the 1942 Chronomat. This model comprised a slide rule bezel that gave more to pilots calculating power. It utilized a motion created by an external firm and has been the model for the US Air Force during WWII. Looking to maintain their watches up to date and clean with the technologies, Breitling decided to give a facelift in 1952 to the Chronomat. Therefore, the Breitling Navitimer was first born. Launching Of The Navitimer The first Breitling Navitimer was that the Reference 806. This coincided with the first appearance of the now-iconic double-wing logo. The logo that is double-wing was a reference to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association or the AOPA. Breitling desired to make it clear these watches were for, though no formal agreement was made with AOPA before 1960. They believed that this to be the very best means. The watch itself was believed in the time. Fitted using a column wheel movement, it was a manual chronograph with a rocky build that supplied everything a pilot.
Charge for the victory of this model goes to Willy Breitling, a man ahead of his time. Willy reached out to pilot groups to generate visibility and business for this new opinion. Moreover, he managed to build a fan base that is loyal . With technology, it would not be long until Breitling embraced a motion — the motion. Teaming up with Jack Heuer (yes Heuer) and Gerald DuBois, Willy helped craft a new brand new calibre. This version was an automatic chronograph that utilized a mechanism. It had an effect on the entire design of the Navitimer, also would be known as the Caliber 11. Resultantly, to a design instead of the, the Navitimer moved in the 1970s. That same decade, changes took place not just with the Navitimer opinion, but at the business itself. The Relaunch of the Navitimer The’70s would see the close of the encounter of the company under the Breitling family. Due to its inability to keep up with the quartz and digital movement of the’70s, Willy was forced to sell the Breitling business. Despite this, the business would finally relaunch in the’80s and deliver the Navitimer back to prominence. In the’80s, Breitling owner gambled on the belief that popularity would be regained by the watch’s mechanical layout. He was right. By the’90s watches such as the Navitimer acquired a resurge in popularity. With the reintroduction of this Navitimer, it was not long before Breitling added a feature that is new. With a new in-house motion mechanism the Breitling Navitimer 01 set was launched. So now you know a bit about the watch’s background, let’s look at the actual models and what makes them so common. List Of Navitimer Models Basically, the Breitling Navitimer models each has its own unique features. Both in structure and their design, each watch will both make for a superb addition to any collection. There are five versions of this B01 set on this listing. Included are a re-issuance of the 806 and two new versions of the 01. These models each include many other characteristics that set them apart and different color variants.